The Brand

Mercedes de Alba commenced in the world of fashion in 1999. In 2002, with the aid of ‘Sevilla de Boda’, her first fashion show collection, was presented and leading to the creation of her own workshop; where she exclusively dedicates herself to nupcial and ceremorial fashion. During this time, she recieved excellent critics, in the media and diverse recomendations, resulting in an excellent out turn.

In 2013, due to the need for new challenges and after the demand of her clientele, she began in children’s fashion and so starting a new venture for her company.

As Marina would say “ Sevilla de Bodas gave me the possibility to start in this sector and Fimi has taken me on board the train that is allowing me to live this wonderful experience”.

The brand name created by Marina Alcantara de Alba, the creative director, has a greatly experienced team. Amongst the team is her right hand member, Mercedes Delagdo Benitez and her husband David Salguero, accountant and workshop supervisor.

At the moment she counts on two very different lines, personalized made to measure or outfits or standard catologue ones. Both lines are hand made, in our studio.