Our studio is situated in el viso del alcor, Seville. Here we recieve our clients on a daily bases and whom travel from all parts, and confide in our experience.

Here are where dreams come true. Patterns, scissors and thread are dying to become ilustrated.

As I entre our elegante, comfortable and pretty place of work; thought exclusively as something to make one feel special, with the aid of our team, one will be transported to those past craftmen’s workshops where everything was made by hand thus making it posible to for you to know us better and our love and pasion for the world of fashion.

We have different areas, an elegant and exquisite corner for brides, another sweet and modern space for our Princes and Princesses who are going to be taking their first holy communion and the most colourful, for the ceremonies. Here you will have personalised attention enabling you to dress for the distinct moments of your life.

Today after a long time, we still enjoy conserving our craftmenship essence, forming and shaping each piece of clothing, one by one. This does not mean that we are not up to date with the new trends, our workshop smells of craftmenship but vibrate innovation.

This wide range, makes Mercedes de Alba stand out in capital letters, here high fashion is made, each piece of clothing is unique, made with love and care by our best hands.

We love to be in continuous movement, this is our trade mark, we are constantly preparing fashion shows, shootings and so on, to show everyone our elegant and delicate creations.

Our most assertion, is our hard work and constancy, to maintain the standards of quality and design.

Another completed challenge, is our accessories workshop ( Crowns, hats, earrings, bags, crosses, rosaries) Where we work,hand in hand, with our team to create what ever incredible idea imagened by our creative designer, Marina de Alba.